The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Daily Planner App

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Are you facing the dilemma of having multiple tasks but finding it difficult to decide where to start, resulting in a whole day wasted? It’s time to consider using a planner to efficiently organize and prioritize your tasks. Fortunately, digital planners on our phones offer a practical solution, eliminating concerns about weight and potential damage of notes from getting wet. And to assist you in selecting the best digital planner, we have curated a list of the top 10 highest-rated daily planner apps for you to explore. Take a look at them now and streamline your productivity.

Achieve Your Goals with These Powerful Daily Planner Apps

  1. GitMind
  3. nTask
  4. My Daily Planner
  5. Evernote
  6. Fantastical 2
  7. Planner Pro
  8. ClickUp
  9. Trello
  10. Things 3


$9/month for monthly plan
$4.08/month for annual plan
$2.29$/month for a three-year-plan and get 3 years more for FREE.

daily planner apps gitmind

GitMind, although not primarily a planner app, can be used effectively for organization and workflow management due to its feature-rich and collaborative nature. While it may not have all the traditional features of a daily planner, it still offers a visual and flexible platform that allows users to create well-structured plans and efficiently manage tasks. Its collaborative capabilities make it valuable for both personal and team-based organization and productivity. Mora than that, users can organize their thoughts, tasks, and goals in an interconnected manner, ensuring a streamlined workflow. Additionally, GitMind’s ease of use and adaptability to changing situations further enhance its effectiveness as an organizational tool.

Free with limited features
$5.99/month for paid plans

daily planner apps anydo

One of the best daily planner apps that you can use is It helps you organize your daily tasks using its built-in notes which are categorized into three pages– To do, Doing, and Done which are color coded. This app is also great for collaboration since you can let your team members access your schedules and tasks. You can also chat in real-time for an effective collaboration. You can also set up recurring reminders to assure that you will not miss anything and do them on time.


Free with limited features$2.99/month for paid plans

daily planner apps ntask

Another tool is nTask. It is a popular task management app that helps you work together with others and set deadlines. It has a time tracker to keep track of your tasks and meetings in one place. However, you can’t attach documents or photos to your lists. Some of its useful features include team checklists, support for the kanban method, and Gantt charts for managing timelines. It’s a handy tool for boosting productivity and staying organized.

My Daily Planner

Absolutely Free 

daily planner apps mydailyplanner

One of the free daily planner apps in this list is the My Daily Planner. It has key features like a calendar, to-do lists, and reminders perfect for tasks management This user-friendly app allows you to create nested checklists, aiding in better goal setting, and conveniently calculates your progress for you. Moreover, the key features of this free daily planner app include the ability to create folders for task grouping, set unlimited reminders, automatically move tasks to the next day, and use the tracker in offline mode for added convenience. However, being a free app, it offers limited features in its basic version and requires in-app purchases to access all functionalities.


Free with limited features$7.99/month for paid plans

daily planner apps evernote

Another tool indeed on this list is Evernote. It stands out as one of the best daily planner apps, catering to both students and professionals alike. Its versatility allows you to jot down ideas and organize lists with various formatting options according to your preferences. The app’s ability to store handwritten notes, seamless integration with apps like Slack and Outlook, and the convenience of creating list templates through scribble notes are all valuable features. Additionally, Evernote offers offline usability. However, it’s important to note that among the best daily planner apps listed, Evernote might not be the most budget-friendly option, and one might wish for it to include financial tracking capabilities as well.

Fantastical 2

Absolutely Free 

daily planner apps fantastical2

Fantastic 2 is an iOS calendar and another free daily planner app that comes with task management capabilities. It allows users to schedule events effortlessly while providing useful features like conference call detection and weather forecasts. One more notable key features it has include natural language support for easy input, the ability to sync multiple calendars, set recurring tasks, and receive geofenced reminders for relevant tasks. However, the app does have some limitations, such as the absence of various view options and the unavailability of an Android version. Meanwhile, despite its advantages, some users may find these drawbacks make Fantastical 2 less fantastic for their specific needs.

Planner Pro

Absolutely Free

daily planner apps plannerpro

Planner Pro is a comprehensive iOS planner app that offers a wide array of features and can be easily downloaded from the App Store. It serves as a centralized platform for efficiently managing your tasks, notes, and other important aspects of your daily life. Whether you need to plan your work tasks, personal activities, or jot down ideas, this free daily planner app provides the tools you need to stay organized. However, one potential drawback that some users might find frustrating is the presence of frequent ads within the app, which could disrupt your workflow as you try to check off items from your to-do list or review your notes.


$5/user monthly

daily planner apps clickup

Apparently, ClickUp is another highly-rated online planner and productivity app widely used by productive teams of all sizes for managing to-do lists. It caters to various users, whether as a task manager, student handling assignments, or a parent organizing a grocery list, making it an ideal weekly planner app. With over 15 ways to view workload and daily plans, including the Calendar View, users can track projects at different levels and share their calendars with others. Alos, the app offers a feature-rich Free Forever Plan, supporting unlimited tasks, members, 50+ Integrations, and more.


$10/user monthly

daily planner apps trello

One more is Trello. It is a highly regarded personal day planner that offers the convenience of kanban boards and task management automation, making it a popular choice for individuals and teams alike. With Trello, you can easily organize tasks, assign them to different boards, cards, and lists, and set due dates and deadlines to stay on track. Its collaborative features allow for seamless teamwork and efficient management of shared tasks. However, one drawback that some users may encounter is that as the number of lists and tasks grows, finding a particular task can become challenging.

Things 3

$9.99 the app itself

daily planner apps thins3

Last but not the least, is the tool Things 3. It is a commendable planner app designed for iOS devices. It offers a range of functionalities, including note-taking, list creation, itinerary planning, and calendar event viewing, with added convenience of notifications on your Apple watch. Additionally, the key features of Things 3 include interactive to-do lists, the ability to easily drag-and-drop items to lists, improved visibility through checklist headings, and the convenience of searching for important tasks across multiple lists. However, the app lacks a free version, and Android users would need to explore alternative options as Things 3 is not available for their operating system.


Indeed, this article shown that a diverse range of daily planner apps caters to the varying needs of users seeking improved task organization and productivity. With feature-rich platforms supporting team collaboration and user-friendly options, there is a suitable daily planner app for everyone. Whether opting for free or premium versions, integrating these tools into your routine can greatly enhance daily planning, effectively managing tasks, and maximizing productivity.

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