It is At Your Door

Today we got a post about the new things going on in our schools. All the schools now are going to start offering our kids $100.00 gift card. All your child has to do is take the permission slip home and get their parents signature. And then take a picture of them getting the shot at the school so they can post it and then they send the kid to the Book Store or Front Office to get the gift card. So any kid that wants a $100.00 gift card can have anyone sign their parents name to the slip and the parents wont know till the kids comes home what happened. Or get sick from a shot they never said their kid could get. So in this Video the first school to reach a goal of 85% in a school with staff and students. There is a staff campaign Vax to the Max the staff will get a Prize on October ending on the 11th. Also the students of the wining school will get a prize in October ending on the 11th. Here are the link:

Here is one morething you should know about your Deer Valley School Board

Deer Valley Unified School District voted 4 -1, taking one step toward approving a $220K “art program” that promotes Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter.

2 DVUSD board members are running for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction. Kim Fisher voted “no” & Jennie Paperman voted “yes” in favor of CRT.

Here is the so-called “art program” curriculum 👇

Here is the Information I got from Phoenix Union

PHOENIX, AZ: Phoenix Union (PXU) is pleased to announce financial incentives for staff and students who receive
the COVID-19 vaccine. The District’s Vax to the Max campaign will provide $100 gift cards to fully-vaccinated
students and a one-time payout of $200 to staff who provide a copy of their valid vaccination card. The campaign
will run through Monday, October 11, with a goal of all staff and students reaching the 85% vaccination threshold
typically needed to achieve herd immunity.
“PXU remains committed to keeping our schools open by providing safe learning environments for our staff and
students,” Superintendent Dr. Chad Gestson said. “Vaccines remain our greatest opportunity to ensure
uninterrupted in-person learning this year. Slowing the spread and ending this pandemic will take a collective
effort and commitment to not just personal health but public health.”
Staff Campaign
Earlier this week, the District launched its Vax to the Max campaign for staff. Employees will provide their
vaccination status before the end of the campaign on October 11. Once the District reaches the 85% vaccination
goal, those who upload proof of their valid vaccination card are eligible for a $200 incentive. The campaign also
includes school competitions, and when the first large and small schools meet the 85% goal, the staff will receive
a prize.
Student Campaign
The student campaign will run alongside the staff challenge. Each fully-vaccinated student will receive a $100
gift card when they provide proof of their valid vaccination card. Schools will track their students’ progress, and
the first large and small campuses to achieve the 85% target will each receive a school-wide prize.
All gift cards and incentives are funded by federal stimulus dollars provided to districts for this purpose and will
not include funding from the state or local tax base. For more details about the challenge, please visit
Phoenix Union continues to lead the COVID vaccination and testing efforts in the valley by providing campus
clinics on a weekly rotational basis and Saturday opportunities at Metro Tech High School through September.
Alhambra High School will offer the vaccine every Saturday in October. All information related to the vaccine can
be found at