LD15 Receives National Recognition

LD15 received national recognition today in a The Gateway Pundit article “Tuesday night in an amazing show of patriotism, 50 new Precinct Committeemen were sworn in by State Senator Nancy Barto.

The new board and our new website was mentioned which brought a huge increase in traffic to the new site saying “LD15 has added all these PC’s and launched an impressive new LD15 website“. 502 in one day to be precise:

The article included a great overview of our new board members:

The article gave some more backstory about the prior board saying “The former Chairman, Derrik Rochwalik, did not forward or help these people who were trying to become PC’s. If he couldn’t even forward messages, then which party does he really represent? He now works as a Public Affairs Liaison for the City of Phoenix and a Councilwoman. When contacted by phone, Rochwalik refused to explain his sudden LD15 departure.”

Read the full article here and more about the prior Board resignation article here.

To quote the author Jim Hoft on what he thinks the future holds for our LD: “What an impressive group!