Meet your Deer Valley School Board Candidates

Here in the LD-15 we feel that our Schools are so important our Students are Very Important. We believe that our Kids are our future and we need to do all we can to protect ALL the CHILDREN. Every Child deserves to have the best education the best chance to have learn all the things that they need to learn. Our Children need all of us to have only the best teaching them and looking out for them. So tonight we did a Town Hall Zoom Meeting with the Deer Valley Candidates. We have interviewed three candidates in two videos, we have posted a link to these videos on our Telegram chat and in the Deer Valley Facebook Page and other. I want to thank Josh Barnett and Annabella for joining The Affidavit Mommas in this Zoom tonight. We only want to give everyone that will be Voting in the 2022 election to have a chance to meet you candidates for the Deer Valley School Board. Thank you to all or candidates for being a part of this as well. We are happy to help you get your messages out to the Deer Valley School Board area.

Here is the link to The Affidavit Mommas YouTube channel for you to look at the two videos.