The Deer Valley School Board

This was a very Interesting night, sitting there for over an hour while we listen to the school board to tell us about all the things they are going to do to the kids of all schools in the Deer Valley School District. Then giving the Parents only 1and1/2 mins. to talk to what they just heard. Even though the masking is at this moment optional they are still pushing the fact that the kids should all be masked up every min of the day while in school. Then they want to test your kid twice a week just to make sure they don’t have Covid. as well as quarantining your kids sometimes just because they might have been in an area with another kids that might have it. All they talk about is Covid and the founding they will get. I personally have had enough. They do not talk about the rise in RSV, or the flu, or anything else it is like everything else has left the planet. Our kids no linger get allergies or just a runny nose or if they cough look out they will have you quarantined for 10 days. They do not even have ways for the kids to do home work or get lessens. The teacher only has to check in on the kid twice a week. This is utter madness.

They had people come in that spoke that they are (medical perfectional) all wearing masks and telling us that mask will work to keep covid form speeding. The board never listens to the parents that are just asking for their kid not to be punished for wanting to breath air and not to be vaxed with a drug that could kill them. I for sure have not idea what these people are thinking to force someone to do something that is not in the best interest of the child. The school board is breaking the law and the rights give to each person by GOD and the laws of the constitutions. The board thinks that they have power over the people. WITCH THEY DO NOT!!!!!!! The board took an oath to up hold the constitution of the United States of America and the constitution of Arizona. The people voted these people in to over see the schools not to take control of our kids and tell the parents they have no right over their child while on school grounds. The school says that if any school has 2 kids or staff with covid it is an outbreak. 2 total = outbreak. the school said that Approximately 150 have tested positive, they have quarantined 4,741 kids, 2,700 kids have been sent home.

The schools need 66 Certified teachers K-12, 29 custodial and Plant foreman, 25 bus drivers. They have 588 Covid report cases since the first day of school, 90 employees have been positive, 31 employees current, 49 employees are in isolation.

We will be serving Governor Ducey with an affidavit I hope this week, and I will serve the School Board and Superintendent again with an affidavit and cover letter.

I just have to shake my head at the way this school board is run and the lack of respect for parents and the love of money on the part of a school board to disregard the rights of children and their parents.

Written By Rose (Rosemary Spaulding) your Team Lead for school Committee