What will happen in our Schools Next

Hello, a week ago I was in a zoom meeting where we heard from a guy named Joel Thornton he had a lot of information for us on a book that you might want to look at. The name of the book is Navigating the Transgender Landscape, a School Resource Guide.

I listened to this presentation and took in the information that Joel had given. He thought that it would be a good Idea to buy the books for our School Board, Superintendents, Schools and Teachers, so that the schools could better communicate with the parents on their transgender child.

The first thing that came to my mind was I do not think it is the schools place to get involved with a Parent and a child in this matter. I do not think that a school should be involved unless asked by the Parents of the child. I do not think that a child should be talked to by a teacher or a counselor on this subject unless asked by the Parent. This is not a matter for any school to be telling the parent about what the school thinks about this subject to a parent. If a parent needs help by all means ask for it from the doctors or outside counseling. I do not feel that a school should get involved unless asked by the Parents of the child.

Schools are there to teach our kids not become friends or get into family matter unless the child is being abused. These things are a privet matter in a family and schools should not always be involved. In some cases maybe but not in every matter should a school inject themselves into family matters. The schools are teaching things to kid putting Ideas into the heads of kids and as a kid you should be thinking about having fun and playing with your friends. As we all know the schools are trying to teach our kids things these days that they should not be teaching. This is where the CRT ( Critical Race Theory), SEL (Social Emotional Learning), and SEX education has gotten out of control in our schools. The parents need to stand up for their rights and take back the schools and the schools need to stand down.

I will post the book for everyone so you can go on line and look this book up. I was told by someone else that maybe the book could be used by the Parent to educate the schools so that the schools could see why they should not be teaching our kids about these things. I feel that is not a great Idea, I would like to see the schools stay out of the family unit unless asked to come in. This is a very sensitive subject and I feel that it is a family matter that should stay that way unless your aske to get involved.