You Need to See What’s Really Happening in Australia

“For the first time during lockdown protests, police were forced to use a range of non-lethal options including pepper ball rounds and OC foam cannisters in an effort to disperse the crowd.”, read a quote from the story titled Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Melbourne, smaller demonstrations in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.

“Police say 218 people were arrested and six officers were hospitalized after today’s violent anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne.”

“Police arrested 218 people, including three in custody for assaulting officers, and issued 236 fines.”

“Each person arrested will be fined $5,452 for breaching lockdown restrictions, the spokeswoman said.”

You need to see what is really going on in Australia:

And video:

Australia chief of police served lawsuit live on air

After reading and watching this shocking video, you don’t think this could be America next unless this government over-reach is stopped now?